Managed Service Plans- Bringing Big Business Technology to Small Firms

The break-fix model of IT service is broken. The days of discovering a computer problem, calling your IT service provider, then waiting and waiting and waiting for them to fix it are over. Managed Service Plans (MSP) is a proactive solution which keeps your firm’s data infrastructure up and running by changing the reaction time to proactive maintenance.

There are a few differences between the Break/Fix retainer contracts (or hourly fees) and the MSP agreements. The meat behind a MSP is the monitoring system which proactively watches over your firm’s network devices (servers, computers, etc) notifying your IT service provider of any problems or potential problems- such as, low system resources, data corruption, offline status; almost any change in your computer environment. Clients are often amazed when they receive a call on a Sunday morning due to a faulty switch or network connection- an issue that would have caused hours of downtime on Monday morning is easily rectified before the first employee arrives for the workweek.

A more common occurrence is when a client receives a phone call pertaining to the performance reduction of their computer system- often due to memory or hard disk issues. Problems like these would previously go undetected until the client would mention it to their IT service provider. Now the tables are turned and the onus of realizing and correcting these issues falls on your IT service provider

MSP pricing also differs from retainers and hourly fees. MSPs use a flat monthly fee determined by the size of your firm’s computer network. The monthly fee generally includes all onsite and remote support, monitoring and reporting. Having a flat fee enables your firm to accurately forecast your IT budget and also eliminates the prolonged service call = large bill scenario.

Having a MSP allows your IT service provider to act more like an employee or partner rather than a repairman- allowing them to provide the preventative maintenance support such as Windows updates, application testing, and network health checks which are normally overlooked or viewed as superfluous in a retainer (break/fix) contract. It gives them more of a vested interest in your firms IT infrastructure, maintaining stability and eliminating downtime -which is dually expensive to your firm and their technical resources.

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Virtual Office Services – Your Business’ Best Partner

Virtual office solutions have been around for awhile now, but the services they offer have changed dramatically over time as technology has changed. If you are a new business owner or entrepreneur, then the wide range of services can be a huge help to your new business.

As a new startup you might not even know what virtual office solutions are. But with the information you are about to learn, a Virtual Solutions provider could be come one of the most important parts of your team. A good partner that provides your start up with timely and cost effective project management or daily project completion without the necessity of hiring additional personnel can be a huge strategic advantage.

By now you realize the problems, you want to be out with your potential clients growing and selling your solutions or products, but you have to be in the office taking care of developing marketing brochures, payroll issues, following up on other customer details, all items that are important in keeping your business growing but not business critical items. So what is the solution?

One solution is hiring additional employees or help for the office. The problem is you are probably not financially ready to bring any additional employees on yet, and you might not have enough work for someone 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. Or maybe it’s just a certain time of the month or week you need the help and you don’t have the time to train someone. This is the ideal situation for you to partner with a Virtual Office Solutions provider. They can team with you to learn your business objectives and specific job details, such as time constraints and frequency of your job, then work with you on completing your job.

The great benefit is you get your non critical business task completed when and how you want, and you had to spend no time training or working in the office to get it done. The virtual office provider handled the task as you wanted and in the time period you needed it done. Plus, by opening this door you now have a partner that you can go to when you have urgent projects that need completed and you just don’t have time to do it or the time to train someone else. They are literally a phone call or email away.

As a new business owner, having help that is cost effective and convenient is vital. Most communication can be handled through email or messaging so even when you are on the road, you can communicate with your virtual office provider and they can be working on for you while you are growing your business.

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Choosing the Right Technology Partner for Taking Dot NET Services

The scope of .NET development services is increasing day-by-day. The curiosity of companies is also increasing as they are trying their hands on different web and software development solutions. However, developing web or software applications is not an easy task. It requires appropriate skills and experience to tackle the complexities involved with it.

Hence, there is a requirement of experienced software development team that can look upon all the stages of development life cycle. However, the expense incurred in setting up the department, hiring software developers and licensing fees can put a lot of pressure on the business budget. Therefore, hiring a technology partner can be considered as the best alternate for .NET development needs.

It may seem simple to hire the right technology partner but it is important to have thorough knowledge about the company to make it a wise decision for the company. Although there is no rule of book to assess the chosen software development firm, but there are still few factors that must be kept in mind to make the selection simple. Some of the factors are:

1. Reputation: A very simple way to gain knowledge about them is through internet search. You may get to know about their company reviews, clients’ testimonials and other company information that will provide you an idea about their reputation in the industry.

2. Experience: Having experience in using the technology is a surety that they are well-versed with the technicalities involved with it. With years of experience, they will be comfortable in providing assistance from initial consultation, planning and development to support system.

3. Expertise: If your requirement is related to Microsoft.NET technology, it is important to know whether the company has expertise in the same technology or not. You can have one-to-one interaction with the developers to gain more knowledge about their expertise and capabilities.

4. Better Collaboration: It is important to have better collaboration within the team. If they maintain proper hierarchy, they will definitely fulfill your requirements within set time-frame. The development team will follow the lifecycle with great accuracy.

5. Communication Channel: It is important for you to keep a track of the performance of your .NET project. Therefore, you can consider communication channel as one of the factors that will give you an idea of their responsiveness at the time you require their assistance.

It is not a comprehensive list but may help you to shortlist the options that can work wonders for your business. Do remember that the right technology partner will have a ‘Happy To Help’ attitude from the initial consultation to the final project deployment. Therefore, care needs to be taken while making the final selection.

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